Product Overview

  • A multipurpose, frozen allograft derived from amniotic fluid.
  • Orthopedics – augment tendon, fasciae, ligament and capsule repair 
  • Neurosurgery – chronic neuritis and pain
  • Spinal Surgery – facet inflammation
  • General Surgery – augment tissue repair
  • An amniotic tissue matrix with innate regenerative capability that may be used as a therapeutic graft in numerous clinical applications.
  • The innate regenerative capability of the tissue supports healing without adhesion or scar formation. 
  • A maximum natural thickness graft derived from umbilical cord. Approximately 8x thicker than traditional amnion, Cygnus can be sutured and is easy to handle.
  • Requires no up-front preparation, and hydrates rapidly in the surgical site.
  • Stored at room temperature with a 3-year shelf-life.
  • A fenestrated, demineralized cortical graft that serves as a construct offering flexible support.
  • Manufactured entirely from cortical bone
  • Osteoconductive & Osteoinductive potential
  • Lot by lot OI testing • 100% demineralized
  •  A demineralized bone matrix putty derived from 100% allograft bone processed using a proprietary demineralization process.
  • Osteoinductive – each lot is assayed
  • Osteoconductive
  • Resists irrigation
  • 100% bone – no additional carrier
  • A DBM putty including cancellous bone chips, which may be used as a bone graft extender, a bone graft substitute, or a bone void filler in the skeletal System.
  • Osteoinductive & Osteoconductive
  • Excellent handling; Ready to use
  • Biocompatible and Resorbable
  • FDA Approved

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