Implant Overview

Screws & Hooks

  • Dual-lead or Single-lead options
  • Bell-shaped core thread technology for better bone purchase
  • Cannulated or non-cannulated options available to allow for open, MIS, or hybrid procedures
  • Diameters: 4.5 – 8.5mm
  • Lengths: 25 – 120mm for AnyPlus and GSS
  • Polyaxial, Monoaxcial, or Long Tab screw options
  • Comprehensive offering of hooks to accommodate a wide range of anatomy


  • 5.5 or 6.0mm Diameter Options for AnyPlus and GSS
  • Ti Alloy or Cobalt Chromium • Hex-end for rod derotation
  • Offers up to 500mm rods for scoliosis with multiple rod bending options


  • Comprehensive set of connectors and rod extensions to allow unmatched intraoperative versatility
  • Inline, offset, transition, and lateral connector options
  • Open, closed, top-loading, single, or double configurations


  • Three different types of Crosslink to accommodate surgeons’ unique approaches
  • Fixed or Variable options that accommodate a 5.5 or 6.0mm diameter rod
  • Friction fit variability in translation, articulation, and rotation for maximized intraoperative efficiency
  • Segmental reduction capabilities for multiplanar deformity correction
  • Ability for segmental direct vertebral derotation
  • Long throw rod reduction options provide up to 50mm of rod reduction capability
  • Coronal and Sagittal in-situ benders
  • Double action rod grippers for rod derotation

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