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Key Trends in the Medical Industry

Given all of the recent focus on minimally invasive, value-based healthcare, it should come as no surprise that with the new year also comes a continued push across the medical industry to improve quality of patient care. Not unlike most industries, the focus will be on innovation as it relates to medical device manufacturing and surgical procedures, […]

3D Printing and the Future of Medical Device Manufacturing

As companies across industries move toward using microtargeted marketing strategies and offering hyper-personalized products and services, medical device manufacturers, like GS Medical, have begun to incorporate this innovative concept in the production of implants and instrumentation. In recent years, manufacturing of medical devices has started to shift from traditional machining methods to the relatively new technology […]

Partnerships and the Future of the Surgical Spine Industry

Given the changing environment of healthcare in the U.S., orthopedic surgeons are now engaging in alternative partnerships to help bolster the future success of their practice through improved patient outcomes, better access to healthcare, and lower cost of care. Below we’ve broken down two examples of these partnerships and what it takes to make each a success. A […]

The Changing Landscape of Private Practice Ownership

For decades hospitals have been buying medical practices in an effort to grow market share and add highly specialized care services. In its 2016 Physician Practice Benchmark Survey, the American Medical Association (AMA) reported that for the first time ever, at 47%, less than half of practicing physicians owned their own practices. That’s down from […]

GS Medical Hosts Cadaver Lab and Bioskills Course for Valued Surgeon and Distributor Partners

Irvine – May 2018 – GS Medical (GSM) hosted on May 11-12 a Cadaver Lab and Bioskills Course in Las Vegas for the company’s valued surgeons and distributor partners. GSM leadership received positive feedback on their innovative spinal systems and the vision for company growth in 2018 and beyond. “The event served as a great platform for members […]

How to Approach Common Misconceptions of Spine Surgery

The many benefits of spine surgery for definitive pathologies are well researched and scientifically proven. However, despite all of the positive outcomes and evidence to support spine surgery, many patients still believe the misconception that spine surgery doesn’t work or that people are worse off after surgery. So, how does one refute these perceptions? Present the […]

Growing Trend of Private Equity Investment in Healthcare

Despite uncertainty in healthcare due to the current administration’s changes to the Affordable Care Act, declining reimbursements, regulatory pressures and many others, the industry remains an attractive and lucrative investment for private equity firms. Healthcare was the only U.S. sector to see an increase in PE investment from 2016 to 2017. Total investment dollars last year […]

The Importance of Cost Containment in an Era of Declining Reimbursements

It seems you can’t pick up a medical journal these days without reading about minimally and less invasive surgery, and the demand for lower-cost, high-quality surgical implants. This is all for good reason – as technology and innovation slowly take over every aspect of our lives, the spine industry proves to be no exception. Over the […]

GS Medical Announces New Product Portfolio of Spinal Solutions

Irvine — October 25, 2017 — Today, GS Solutions Inc., DBA GS Medical USA (GSM), a U.S. supplier of spinal implants and instrumentation and provider of high-quality surgical solutions, announced the full launch of the AnyPlus® Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF) System after three months of an alpha launch period, and the Anterior and Posterior Disc Prep Sets. Following strong sales growth […]

GS Medical USA Announces New Product Portfolio and Company Enhancements

Irvine – February 2017 – GS Solutions Inc., DBA GS Medical USA (GSM), a global manufacturer and supplier of spinal implants, instrumentation and developer of high-quality surgical solutions, today announced several influential advancements for the organization. Following a strong close to the 2016 fiscal year, GSM is poised and prepared for an impactful, growth-oriented year […]