GS Medical USA Announces Q2 Sales Results and Leadership Expansions

IRVINE, Calif., July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — GS Medical USA, LLC, a global manufacturer and supplier of spinal implants, instrumentation and developer of value-driven surgical solutions, today announced a sales revenue increase of 10% for Q2 ’15 compared to Q2 ’14, as well as several premium technologies pending FDA approval. GS Medical USA, LLC, (GSM) is a privately held company, with a large international footprint in the spine, neurospine and spine specialty products.

GS Medical USA’s CEO, James Shin, attributes this growth to innovative engineering, a solid managerial team behind the company’s recently polished mission and vision, as well as the expansive and knowledgeable distribution network. “We are focused on the importance of people: the right customers, surgeon partners and employees. The right people help to bring to market novel technologies to meet the needs of the ever-changing spine landscape.” Mr. Shin continues, “Our streamlined design, development and delivery process affords us the opportunity to provide rapid turnaround on all orders, field requests and customs.” GSM recently added several seasoned operations, customer service personnel and veteran engineers to the organization, thereby bolstering the current management’s ability to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Looking forward, GSM has several products in development and under FDA review. These products will continue to define GSM in the marketplace and provide further solutions for surgeons in the care of their patients. “We are optimistic that our expanding product portfolio, in addition to our bioskills laboratories and exhibition at major Ortho/Neuro Spine meetings, will allow GSM the stature and opportunity to continue to exceed its growth expectations,” comments VP of Sales, Brian Oliver. “We are taking a new approach to the market. Partnering with strong distributors and working with our surgeon and hospital partners to find procedural solutions that are sensitive to pricing thresholds within the spine arena today. I am extremely proud of the progress we have made as a sales and distribution team.”

“Our distributors are the lifeline of this company and true partners to our success,” states Adam Lampart, Regional Sales Director, as he discussed record growth of one of the company’s east coast distributors, “and it’s been amazing to watch my colleagues reap the benefits of having GSM products as a straight-forward and cost-effective option for their surgeon customers.” GSM continues to increase and enhance product offerings and drive research and development efforts by incorporating surgeon-driven design and feedback into the process.

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