GS Medical Announces New Product Portfolio of Spinal Solutions

Irvine — October 25, 2017 — Today, GS Solutions Inc., DBA GS Medical USA (GSM), a U.S. supplier of spinal implants and instrumentation and provider of high-quality surgical solutions, announced the full launch of the AnyPlus® Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF) System after three months of an alpha launch period, and the Anterior and Posterior Disc Prep Sets.

Following strong sales growth of 32% in Q2 2017 versus the prior quarter, the GSM leadership team expects continued, positive growth for Q4 2017 and FY2018, supported by the launch of the aforementioned products.

“The company’s success thus far is in large part thanks to our strong relationship with surgeon partners and distributors, and we are thrilled to offer these new products in our portfolio of spinal solutions,” said James Shin, CEO. The company’s newest Direct Lateral System will be streamlined with unique features that offer many implant and instrument options to complement surgeon preferences.

“We understand the ever-evolving needs of our surgeon partners, and we continually strive to develop new and innovative implants and instrumentation, with the ultimate goal of providing value-enhanced, multi-faceted surgical solutions and outstanding patient care.” GSM continues to make further advancements in engineering and development with the recent growth of its spine products portfolio.

Earlier this year GSM expanded its offerings within several other systems including the AnyPlus® Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion (ACIF) System, the AnyPlus® Dual Lead Screw System, and an anterior cervical plate solution. GSM is also finalizing the launch of the company’s Chrome Cobalt Rod System for scoliosis application, as well as making upgrades to its AnyPlus® NX Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System to provide for better user experience. In the coming months, GSM looks to launch its advanced, Stand-Alone interbody system and Posterior Cervical application, as well expand distribution partnerships with preferred partners who offer DBM, Allograft and Kyphoplasty.

“We expect that the remainder of this year and 2018 will continue to be strong for GSM as we have a number of products in development,” said Kurt Neesley, U.S. Sales and Business Development Director. Given the company’s expanded suite of product offerings, GSM expects demand for the company’s spinal solutions to increase substantially.

“We are focused on growing our sales team and curating a strong network of distributor partnerships to meet surgeon demand,” Neesley stated. “GSM is committed to providing best-in-class service to our distributors and surgeons to promote better patient outcomes.”

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