Implant Overview


Long Tab One Body Screw Option

  • Diameters: 5.5 – 8.5mm
  • Lengths: 25 – 100mm
  • 20mm of built-in threaded reduction


  • 5.5 or 6.0mm Diameter options for AnyPlus and GSS
  • Ti alloy or Cobalt Chrome
  • Straight, Pre-bent, Hex-end


  • Diameters: 5.5mm
  • Curved, or straight options
  • Self-dissecting bullet tip
  • Rod option for fixed holding or articulated capability

Instruments Overview


Targeting Needles Options

  • Disposable and reusable targeting needle


K-wire Options

  • Sharp tip, blunt tip
  • Stainless Still, Nitinol



Rod Inserter Option

  • Fixed grab rod inserter and articulating rod inserter



Compressor & Distractor Options




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